Caring Hands at Moses Field by Nurse Gloria Edge


Right Top: LeTanya Dandridge, (Principal) Demiul Williams (Paraprofessional), Lower Right Gloria Edge (R.N), Janet Bowers (LPN)

It begins with a typical school day in March, where paraprofessionals are escorting kids in wheelchairs and our students are wobbling walking through the entrance doors. Throughout the busy school day, children moved from class to class enjoying science, art, and lunch. As we start to close our school day at 2:15pm, teachers are preparing their students for school dismissal.

The entrance hallways were empty and quiet with the exception of a student’s mother. This mother was sitting in a chair at the end of the corridor. Mr. Demiul Williams, a Paraprofessional was walking through the breezeway corridor and crossed the path of the parent. He immediately noticed her irregular breathing pattern and her restless body posture. He walked back to her and asked her, “Are you okay?” She stated, “I’m okay.” He then proceeded to the nursing office with a fast pace where he expressed his concern. Janet Bowers, LPN and Glori Edge, RN left the room to assist the parent. Ms. J. Bowers, LPN begin with the interviewing process of assessment.

The parent revealed in a low whispering voice that she had recently eaten some shrimp and had a shrimp allergy. Her shrimp allergy had never escalated to the point of interfering with her breathing or requiring the use of an Epi-pen. Nurse Bowers offered to call 911 for an ambulance but, the parent refused this intervention of care. However, an emergency call was placed to 911 and the appropriate information was provided. The parent stated she wanted to drive home with her daughter. She was informed that she was too sick to drive her vehicle.

Ms. LeTanya Dandridge, Principal was notified of the impending emergency. She immediately rose from her desk loaded with papers to assist the nursing staff and parent. The Principal had a good working rappor with the parent. The parent was relocated to the health clinic room where she continued to receive comfort measures from nurse Bowers and Ms. L. Dandridge, Principal. Vital signs were taken by nurse Edge and revealed a very high heart rate with labored breathing. There was also noticeable swelling of both arms with skin whelping.

Nurse Edge offered the parent an Epi pen for her allergic reactions. The parent agreed to the use of the Epi pen. The Epi pen was administered according to protocol.

The two emergency medical units arrived 5 minutes after the administration of the emergency medication. The emergency unit staffs stated that her vital signs where down within normal limits and there was nothing for them to do. The medical technicians stated we did a good job. The emergency units continue to assess the parent and recommended follow up care at the hospital. The parent refused this service and stated, “what about my daughter?”

The Principal convinced the parent to go to the hospital for further health work-up and a relative was called to take the daughter home. The mother was placed on the emergency unit stretcher and was routed to the nearest hospital.

Two days later, parent reports she is doing fine and that she is going to stay away from shrimp for a while. There are many caring hands at Moses Field School that met not only the educational needs but, the medical as well. Disciplines working in harmony to provide services for our students, parents and the community.

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